Healing Room Cresco Pennsilvanya

Pyramidal Therapy

healing Spa Room Pennsilvanya
healing Spa Room Pennsilvanya
therapeutic pyramid
therapeutic pyramid
All in one -  
Harmonize your inner body to open to healing - our energy imbalances drive us faster to get sick and suffer for life experiences.
This therapeutic pyramid condenses an electromagnetic field associated to the earth and the space, modifying our energy conserving and purifying to a very high frequency.
whole body vibration pyramid
Salt Halo-therapy

Crystal therapy

Color therapy


Sound therapy

Angel therapy

Our Reception Room

Healing Room
Healing Room


 This  BodyTalk Therapeutic System helped me to get rid of my elbow pain.

I felt strong energy flowing through my whole body, for me it was amazing feeling that kind of energy, will be back again for more sessions..amazing,thank you..Nathaniel K. from New York

• 1 Session 45 min - 65 Dollars
• 1 Sessions 1 1/2 hours - 165 Dollars
• 1 Sessions 1 hour with Angels Therapy  include- 200 Dollars

    BodyTalk Reading plus  1 hour Therapy  - 298 dollars


45 minutes session 65 dollars

After buy you session call for reservation of your appointment:

(570) 595-8629

(570) 209-6850 you can text to this phone too.

1 - 1/2 hour session 165 Dollars

Session 1 hour with Angels Therapy  include- 200 Dollars

BodyTalk Reading plus  1 hour Therapy  - 298 dollars

Ingrith Schaill Healing Room
Ingrith Schaill Healing Room

We are located in Cresco PA - After booking your appointment we will give you the full address - because it is not a walk in office - our clients do not wait shifts, your appointment will be attended with punctuality and respect.

Ingrith Schaill will personally assist you with care and professionalism

Pyramidal Therapy
Pyramidal Therapy

What is a all in one session?

A session in the Healing room will be carried out applying all the mentioned therapies at the same time that you lie down under the pyramid. Ingrith will evaluate your issue to heal and depending on that, apply specific adjustments to the healing pyramid. Some people require intense and rapid processes, Ingrith as a pyramidal therapist will make adjustments.

body talk tecnique
body talk tecnique

 What is BodyTalk Reading?


It is a technique created by Ingrith Schaill to learn to focus on your body and understand the signs when something is not right. Also the technique supports the balance that the body is asking, in this way we will know what healing we will give the body.

With this technique the theory of the cellular brain is handled independently, this is how we look for the answer to the needs of cells that are manifesting disharmony. Which works through a guided meditation to get the communication and the answers with your body.

What can I Heal in the Healing Room?


In this room you can harmonize your energy centers and balance to open to healing either with conventional or natural treatments, when we are in inner disorder what we do to heal becomes slow and sometimes ineffective. They can be used by anyone with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health problems to balance their cells and reprogram themselves to optimally heal

como es la session inlcuida terapia angelica?

pueden entrar dos personas incluido ninos por 20 dollars extra